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Romanian doctors emigrating

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The lower conditions in Romania in most areas of activity have important effects on the evolution of the country and the population. That's why many people choose to go abroad for a better life. Some leave even if they do not have higher education, because abroad there are well-paid jobs without the need for a diploma. Other young people, graduates of a university, also prefer to go to another country to make a successful career. So do some doctors too. Hospitals in Romania offer neither good working conditions nor wages, so what is the conclusion? You don't really enjoy the idea of staying in Romania as a doctor, do you?
On the one hand, in another country, such as the UK, France or USA, doctors are more respected and appreciated. There they have state-of-the-art appliances, while in Romania wards for the sick are infected and unhealthy. Maybe in our hospitals it's not so bad that the spiders walk on the ceiling, but the appearance leaves much to be desired. I don't think any doctor would feel fulfilled professionally working in such a place, no matter how talented and devoted he is.
On the other hand, in a more economically developed country, but also in people's mentality, a young doctor may have more opportunities to progress in his career. In Romanian hospitals we often see old, tired doctors and without that desire to save a life.
All things considered, young doctors prefer to go to work in a country other than Romania because they have more benefits there.

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I think that this is a real problem!! Romanian doctors are very dedicated and they want to work with new devices and also for 12 years of university they want big salaries, like in Germany.
I know that in Germany a specialist doctor earn 5000 and in Romania 1000 ......... a big difference...


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Romanian doctors emigrating