Being fashionable means that people are in accordance with the current styles or trends that are present. Keeping the pace with fashion is a way of expressing themselves and for others it’s a way of showing their status. In my opinion, people shouldn’t conform to the current fashion state because it doesn’t represent each person and it’s unnecessarily expensive to keep with it.
The first argument is that fashion doesn’t represent individuals because everyone is different between each other and respecting the current trend might warp the real image of a person. For example, socks and sandals together are considered a very bad combination in the fashion world, but if someone considers it represents the rebel in them, they are free to dress as they like.
The second argument is that keeping up with fashion is very expensive as trends change seasonally or even more often and new trends are made up by rich people. For example, when the 2017 fall edition of the new Versace collection came people needed to buy it to keep up because the summer one became part of the past and being fashionable means dressing in accordance with the current trend and style. However, if the current fashion state represents you or you want to show your financial status keeping up with fashion is a great way of doing that and showing who you are.
In conclusion, people shouldn’t conform to the current state of fashion if it doesn’t represent them or if it’s way too expensive for them to keep up with it.