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Being a student at “C.N.M.E"

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Being a student at “C.N.M.E

   I find being a student at <<Colegiul National “Mihai Eminescu”>>  as a privilege for me and the other students as it is one of the best schools in our city, or so say the studies made.
    The school isn’t very different from others, maybe ours has a bigger yard, more sport fields, overall more spacer where students can relax in their breaks. As for inside the buildings, nothing special, pretty boring looking classrooms, large hallways, like any other schools.
     What does make a difference in our school is the quality of the professors, as we have one of the highest percentage of promoting the twelfth grade exam "bacalaureat", but of course , we, the students, also play a big part in that because we spend hours learning  everyday for the tests, homework, projects and so on.
     Overall, I like being a student here, a lot could be improved to be honest, mostly on the looks of the interiors of the school, but it’s a great school, where you can learn many things, make friends, and thre most important thing, that in the other schools may or may not be done, every student is treated equally, not based on his/hers social status.



An interesting approach, but you could deal with the subject more intensely



I don't think students spend a lot of time learning for a test or doing homework. Maybe you could have written more about the relationship between teachers and students.



I think you are right about the fact that this school has great potential in terms of the quality of the teachers who are very well prepared and interested in the future of the students. Also, the school is very beautiful because of the friendly people so it is very easy to make friends.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Being a student at “C.N.M.E"