An ugly apartment
   Some people think that you can tell everything about a person just by looking at their house.  Some folks live in apartments, SOME in houses. The price tags on each are different depending ON the area you live in and the living arrangements you want to have. Since I had to move town, me and my parents had to look at houses. And boy was it fun!
  At first, my parents didnít let me GO with THEM, but after a while of apartment hunting they let me tag along. The first time I TAGGED ALONG we went to an apartment in Tatarasi . It had 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a balcony but the LOCATION  was terrible. The second one I canít remember, but the third one was really something else. The apartment was in Pacurari near Carrefour. On the outside it looked nice but once I stepped inside some smell hit me. After the smell dazzled me I met with the owners. They talked to my parents while I was investigating the surroundings. In my adventure I found many things. In the living room there was a huge pile of socks, dirty socks. In the bedrooms there were no windows.
  Thankfully  my dad found a nice house right after the unfortunate trip.

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