A felony I witnessed
    In our world there are rules which are made to be followed. Each of them has a purpose. I can agree that some laws are irrelevant BECAUSE they are broken constantly and there is no outcome what so ever, but rules,USUALLY DO  stabilize our society. Some people fear that laws  RESTRICT their freedom. In reality, rules DO not interfere with our freedom because we are free to choose whatever path in our lives. Breaking the law will result IN several restrictions of rights etc.   
   My life is quite boring. Nothing out of the ordinary happens, itís pretty chill. But a while ago something happened,a car in my neighborhood CAUGHT  on fire and it was no accidentÖ
  Last year I was coming back home after a tutoring session (I was preparing for the EN) and one neighbor called me to tell me to look out the window. I was very confused because we usually donít phone each other that often and I told her that I am on my way home. When I got there I saw for the first time a firemanís car. It was huge! The worst part was that the car made some sort of noise. All my neighbors  WERE out in the street arguing about what HAD happened. And out of nowhere the police showed up and arrested the priest next door. Everyone was left shockED. Turns out that the priest was doing some  business  under the table and somehow a car was set on fire.
  Now I know that my neighbors are insane.

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