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Doctors in Romania

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In Romania, many doctors decide to leave their country and to work in London, ..the.. USA or Germany.
               First of all, their salary is rather low. They study six years at University of medicine, they practice residency and they work very much because they wish to save lives The doctors go in other countries, where they are paid very well. People from abroad are more educated than those in Romania. They know how to talk, they don't have a bad speech, they respect the doctorsíjob.
Next, the technology is ...more.. developed in foreign countries than in Romania. This thing help.s.. doctors to work easily and to solve problems  faster. If they work with the best equipament, they have a lot of chances to learn new things.
              On the other hand, if the doctors leave Romania and they stay all their life in foreign country, they will ...miss... the country where they are born, they will forget to speak their mother tongue. Their friends, their families will be far away and they will not be able to visit each other. Another disadvantage is that in many countries, the doctors can be discriminated because they are romanians. They arenít treated like normal people, they are considered gypsies and they donít have equal rights with the other humans.
             In conclusion, the doctors who are emigrants have  advantages and disadvantages, but it matters which country they choose.

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I agree with you that doctors are not so appreciated in Romania and that they need to leave for a better experience and a better life. But can you give me at least one example of a doctor who has been discriminated abroad? I think that the work of our doctors is very appreciated in other countries and a brilliant specialist will never be discriminated. We all have equal rights and nobody can impose us what to do.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Doctors in Romania