Nowadays our country  is faceing a real haemorrhage of doctors and nurses. They are leaving the country and little by little our hospitals remain without medical assistance.

   Doctors are attracted by  big salaries and higher standards of living. Our gouverment has tried to raise their pay but of course it is not enough in comparison with other countries, like France, England or Germany.

  Our hospitals are old and in bad condition. They don't have medicines and modern devices to cure the patients. No matter if the doctors are young or old, they prefer the status of an emigrant rather than live in Romania. In the past you had to pay for the period you studied in the country if you wanted to leave the country.

We may say that is a lack of patriotism in these doctors, they don't care about their countrymen and they are intrested only in earning money and haveing a rich life. In some poorer countries, like Kenya or Somalia, for example, those who want to become doctors and study abroad, come back to their countries to help, even if they are in danger because of the wars they have there. There are many modern hospitals in our country and doctors can earn a decent wage. Moreover they are respected and patients are grateful to them.

I wonder how doctors from other countries can work and live in Romania and even have fame , success and a good life. There are a lot of Arab doctors like Yasser Arafat for example, who is loved and appreciated and has a high position in the hierarchy of medical and social life. But, of course, you must study hard, practise a lot and be fond of your job. In fact to be a dotor isn't a job, it's a calling and you shouldn't be interested only in the matirial aspect, but in saving the lives of as many people as you can.

Unfortunately, people aren't affective anymore. All of them including doctors are practical, selfish, coward, indifferent, with low ideals. That's why I can't see a bright future for my country and no hope for the next generations.

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