We all know that people want to have the MUST beautiful, coolest and THE MOST magnificent appartement. But  not all. Unfortunately, I have seen such an apartment, unsuccessful. I had to build a biology project with a former classmate. It could not be done in my house so the last place was her home. She was a shiny girl, dressed LIKE old PEOPLE and had some strange actions . But it was very okay , I really did mean to her.
    I really wanted to see what the apartment looked like.
    We went into the block. I climbed into the elevator and went down to the 5th floor. She opened the door to the  apartment AND I was pretty shocked. I tried to look normal and behave as normally. When I entered the house I saw a long, very long hallway. There were sort of paintings on the walls. There was a fixed phone on the hanger. Who IS USING a fixed phone in these years? It is not strange to have a fixed telephone, but still to be 100 years old. The truth is that they did not even use high performance phones. They was a modest family with modest incomes. Let's go back to the apartment. On the left side of the hall, the first door was a living room full of frills, plenty of books, a table in the middle of the room, and a TV set in the library. Interesting arrangement!
On the left, the next room was the kitchen. There was a smell of super food. It really smelled very well. The next two rooms were the children's bedrooms, my colleague and her little sister. And those filled with frills and books. Very monotonous and gloomy everything. It was like a... old house.Probably it was. Then the bathroom and the parents' bedroom. This bedroom was pretty weird. Things were horrified. It seemed a very crowded room. At one point a bird sounds. What to see ... Near the bed was a chicken basket, and on the balcony there was a dove in a cage. My ex-colleague told me she was treating him on the wing. True animal lovers.
     Maybe by short description I was not able to make the whole picture of the apartment. But believe me. He was outdated.  Perhaps it was weird for me. But it's important that this wonderful family feels good. It's just simpler. You do not have to do things just to like others. That is very important!

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