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Being student at CNME Iași

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CNME Iași is a well-know school (especially among the students) in our town. I study here for five years. This year (2018) is the sixth for me. The experience that I lived within the walls of these school and beyond them was and is still a very special one. I can say that „awesome” is too little to describe all that took place in these years. But, like any other thing, CNME Iași has his fair-share of unpleasant aspects.
In the first place, I muss mention that the good parts predominates and that is the true experience like student at CNME – there are many to discuss. The main advantage, more a psychological one, is the courtyard. This is shown by the fact that you can spent your breaks outside, relax and enjoy the weather (in winter or in summer) and a beautiful  time with your classmates.
A further advantage is the behavior of the teachers. For instance they are friendly, close to stundent and very understanding. To a certain degree this is true and obviously this isn’t restrain just to our school. In others schools ........ are great teachers too, but I tend to believe that in CNME this is a more common fact.
On the other hand, the strong accent that is put on every discipline, is a drawback of. It is not a major disadvantage, because that is how the romanian education system is designed to work. And, after all, like that old proverb says - “It is good to know a little bit from everything.” -, it is good to have knowledge of all sorts of stuff. Another negative aspect of CNME is the food store inside the school. It exists, but ....... is not just the good thing that he should’ve be.
All things considered, it can be said that to be student at CNME Iași is a... extraordinary experience, but she’s not lacking of bad parts – naturally, like any other experience. Being student at CNME is a unique thing and it learns you many stuffs.

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Hey! As I was reading your comment about our school, I felt even prouder that I'm studying here. Of course, I agree with you on the fact that this institution is kind of special, different from any other schools in the town. I would also say that we're very lucky to have a courtyard where we can admire the beautiful chestnut trees or simply spend our break. I couldn't but also agree with you about the teachers' behaviour towards their pupils, it's a deep bond at least every teacher tries to form with everyone of his students. Unfortunately, they( the teachers) are very demanding. They want you two learn their objects equally well, be it mathematics or music. That could be a negative point both of the college and the education system itself, but as you mentioned, "it's good to know a little bit from each object". Despite the little grammar errors, the comment is very well-written! Well done! :-)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Being student at CNME Iași