We can say that Palas Mall is the heart of Iasi not only because of the place where it was built but also because of its importance.
First of all, it is a great complex where you can spend quality time with your family or friends. You will easily find something to do, while you relax. You can drink or eat something at one of the many places here, you can shop in various stores where you can find what you need. Also, if the weather is favorable and you love walking, the gardens in front of the Palace of Culture are the best choice. The landscapes are wonderful and you can listen to music in the background. At the same time there are performances of different kinds, which you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Another advantage is the well-chosen staff that keeps the place clean and safe.
However, during the weekend, many people come from outside the city and the place is crowded. There are moments when, at least inside, there is no place to go. This is quite annoying, especially when you have something to solve and you are in a hurry. It would be appropriate to have a cinema in this place, but it does not exist. Another disadvantage would be the high prices in some stores. Unlike the independent shops, they pay rent for the space they use and they include it in the price of the products.
In conclusion, Palas Mall is the best place to spend your free time in spite of small irregularities. We hope improvements will be made in time.

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