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Palas Mall

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Among the numerous places a tourist or a local can visit to enjoy and relax in Iasi, Palas Mall has managed to gain the appreciation of its many visitors since its very opening due to the usually pretty good value for money it offers.
Palas Mall was built next to the Palace of Culture, right in the centre of  the city, on a place where there were a few old open-air swimming pools and a field which used to smell like dog poop because many dog owners used to walk their pets there. Now Palas Mall is truly what a lifestyle centre should be offering not only a shopping centre but also business offices, a prestigous hotel and quality entertainment services. Anyone who visits this already well-known place can find something to enjoy: shops for all tastes and pockets, affordable freshly cooked food, a large park for families to meet and play, a big number of caffés where you can meet your friends, chat and relax.
The things I like most about Palas Mall are its numerous affordable but quality restaurants in the spacious Foodcourt, the park where I can meet my friends to lay on the grass and talk, the skating ring in winter and the way they strengthened the slopes neighbouring the Palace of Culture and how they managed to showcase the archeological artifacts discovered. The only thing I regret is the fact that there are no cinemas at Palas Mall, which would have attracted many more visitors.
I totally recommend Palas Mall as a great fun place to visit in Iasi.

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Nice composition. I really like your story. It's very good. Keep going, you still have 3 more and at least 10 comments of at least 40 words each. Anyways, good job!



I agree with you in all that you said, but I think that Palas is a little bit overestimated. I kinda got bored of it because everybody go there and it is always too crowded. When you want to eat at FoodCourt you don't have a table most of the time and only two persons sit on a huge couch. So, when you go there with a few more friends you don't have a big table with a couch, you just have a small one with a few chairs.



this institution is so mainstream that the fact it s mainstream is also mainstream too anyway nice work



Palas Mall is a great place to relax, you can have a drink with friends or eat something. And because it is located next to the Palace of Culture it brings it a bit of shine and of course more visitors



I enjoyed your composition very much! I like the fact that you mentioned the history of the building process of PalasMall, all the good and bad points etc. I mostly share your opinion, but I think you could add a few more details in the description of the restaurants and shops. for example, you could say wha types of shops there are and what meals can be served at the restaurants. Overall, it is a very well-written composition, well done! :)


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