Dear diary,
Today I just want to write about a trip, even if it happened long ago. I was in eighth grade and I had the best schoolmates. The beautiful part is that we have always been united. And because that was the end of the last year when we were together, we planned a trip. We all decided we'd go to the mountains. But all I want to say is that was the best trip of my life, because I went there with my best friends. It was great.
First of all, the way to the location was crazy. All I can say is that I was in a coach full of pupils who were singing. We left the morning and arrived at Bicaz Canyon at 12 p.m. In order not to waste time, all we ate were some sandwiches. When we got out of the coach we were amazed of the beauty of the landscape. The bad side was that it was a rainy day. That's why it was hard for us to go to the mountain trails. A real scare was when a fellow slipped down and was about to fall into a huge abyss. It was terrible. The mountains were very beautiful, and nature relaxed everyone, though the trails were quite heavy for a gang of crazy friends who came to spend time together. After we finished our 'mission' of the day, we went to LEFT personal things at the hotel and we left to eat. Because we could not ABSTAIN, we went to eat at a Hungarian restaurant. And of course, like any Romanian, we ordered sarmale. But not any kind of sarmale. Hungarian sarmale.  :rofl:  Sounds good, IT IS NOT LIKE THAT? Well, I mean they were horrible. They were very sour, without salt and with a taste that can not be described. Seriously, I do not want to talk about it now.  %-)  Because we could not swallow the food we ordered, we ate sandwiches again. We also enjoyed chips and chocolate. In that evening we had fun. We played songs, danced and watched a horror movie. After everyone had slept, me and my two roommates went INTO the room of one of our colleagues. Our diabolical plan was to PUT SOME make up ON HIM. I do not even realize how he felt nothing. The best part was that in the morning he did not look in the mirror. He went directly to the terrace, where we all took breakfast. They all laughed. He did not mind. But he laughed when someone gave him a mirror. And he quickly realized who the authors ARE because my roommates were the only girls who had makeup. Interestingly, our accompanying teacher also enjoyed our farce and laughed. NOT MUCH happened the next day, but we visited all the possible locations we were able to reach FOR one day. Certainly, we did not have lunch at any Hungarian restaurant, but we ate at McDonald's. Certainly, McChickens were much tasty THAN THE SARMALE.  ^^  The way to home was once again full of life. I got home at 5 a.m. We did not expect to be so late at home.
I know this did not happen today or yesterday, but it was one of the most beautiful happenings in my life. It was the most beautiful journey and I will never forget it!

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