Romania has very good medical universities, and the students who graduate have a huge bag of knowledge. They can become impeccable doctors, but the Romanian system is not on their side.
First of all, wages are low and this does not motivate doctors to stay in the country. They all want to live better, in a beneficial environment that will give them new opportunities and open their door to success. They probably think about the future of their children for whom they want something better and we have to admit that their chances are visibly higher abroad than in the country.
Also where they work says a lot about the emigration of young people. Our hospitals are known especially for patients leaving sicker than they have come. Let us not further mention other irregularities such as the huge debts they have. It is normal not to want to be the slaves of the Romanian hospitals.
Many young people who finish their studies emigrate because there are not enough free jobs. If there are a few then they will probably be occupied by a son, nephew or brother of one of the doctors who are already in the system.
Another disadvantage is that once they leave, we remain with the same corrupt, infected and poor system that has no chance of changing or developing. Those who do not go away risk being caught in a vicious circle and will learn to be against the system living with the impression that they are good and that is right. They forget to think about the thousands of people who put their lives in their hands.
I do not see any advantage in the emigration of doctors, but I think this is their only solution as long as the mentality in which the patients consider the hospital an enemy and the hospital as an institution has the same opinion about patients does not change.