I think we all heard from our friends or parents that "high school is the most beautiful time of your  life”. I'm starting to believe this because of the relationships I have with some people and the memories we share. High school as a learning unit is bad, but CNME has college status, and I should be proud to be studying here. Let's not forget, however, that we have worked hard to get here and that we, the students, together with our teachers, offer this prestige to the high school with our success.
First of all, here are extraordinary, open minded, non-discriminating teachers who are trying to understand us and who use attractive and modern teaching methods. Also, on the foreign language side it is a blessing to work with our teachers. At least they give their best and are not guilty for the failure of the Romanian system. I have never had any misunderstanding with the teachers and I have always communicated to reach a consensus and I am grateful to them for everything.
Another advantage is that the high school has minimal equipment with laboratories of informatics, biology, chemistry, physics and sports hall. From my point of view, this is useful to us, to students, it helps us because we can learn and understand some phenomena more easily and we can experience things.
However, we all have heard that "school is free," but not many have noticed this in CNME. Here you have to pay a guard to be safe although I understand that with a lot of well-founded reasons you can get rid of this charge. You also need to buy your chair and desk if you want to have where to sit and put your books and notebooks. Examples of this can continue, and the sad part is that some of them reduce your development potential.
Another issue would be the rules that are outdated for the new generations. We are different from the generations before us and we should be treated according to our way of being.
In conclusion, being a student at CNME also has advantages and disadvantages, but you will certainly become someone and with all the inconveniences that occur throughout the high school, in the end we will probably be proud of ourselves and our choices.

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