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Danube Delta

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Romania is so rich in tourism and there are so many fascinating destinations, but we do not know our country well enough to capitalize these resources.
This summer, me and my mother decided to escape the daily routine so we visited the Danube Delta, the Murigiol. We chose to stay at Puflene Resort where we had high quality service, we met welcoming and wonderful people who made our stay more comfortable. The resort is modern, it includes large gardens where you can walk and admire beautiful landscapes (the evening is the most appropriate moment), sport courts where you can play tennis, football or volleyball, swimming pools and even an adventure park so you can not get bored there. I did not have enough time to get bored.
At the restaurant, we enjoyed local cuisine. I can not describe how well these people cook and how many different kinds of food they can make from fish.
Outside the resort, we took a boat ride through the Danube Delta arms and saw a lot of interesting plants and animals specific to the area, which I had never seen before. I also noticed that the people there are using boats as a means of transport to do most stuff such as supply, fishing etc.
We also visited the Halmyris Fortress, which, a long time ago, had a very important role for sailors in the area. Now it is in ruins and it did not impress me with anything.
We had some wonderful days. I felt good, relaxed which I think matters most. We have a very beautiful country that can easily grow and something good can be done if people were smarter and would invest in things that matter.

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What a coincidence!! This summer I visited the Danube Delta! I went with my parents and some family friends who had a private boat. I remember that my father's friend, Andrei let me drive the boat.
It was incredible, an amazing feeling!! I will never froget that feeling! :jumping:



Hi!I very much like your composition about Romania and its natural wonders. I was in the  Danube Delta last year and I was fascinated by all sorts of birds and fish. I think you write some good essays and I recommend you keep it that way because you're talented. Good luck next! :shine:  :cool:  :flag:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Danube Delta