Emigration is one of the biggest problems Romania has to face, being the second in Europe after Syria at the number of residents who left their country. There is an astonishing number of people who are leaving with a high  level of education to work abroad, especially in the United States and western Europe. And while this can be seen in almost all working fields, the most are leaving the healthcare system, caused by various reasons.
                            First of all, there is a real issue with the state of the hospitals doctors have to work with.  They are overcrowded, filthy, full of bacteria and germs and lack equipment, pills and sanitary products. This is one of the main reasons that so many doctors are choosing to leave their country, their home, their family along with the old narrow- minded people that make this system. Also,  people who are way past the retirement age and think that the communism is still present and believe in bribe, social position according with age, not knowledge or skills, inhibiting the new generationís urge and excitement to learn and be the best they can be with  too many files and paperwork, which is something you wonít see abroad.
                            Second of all, doctorís salaries are too low for the effort they made to get there. I think itís repulsing that they either pay them too little money or raise their wage concomitant with the cost of living. Still, I find embarrassing that after more than 6 years of learning intensively, doctors canít afford an apartment or a car and the dream of achieving a certain level of wealth, either for themselves or their children, is too strong for some to resist the urge to stay and wait to get beyond 40 years old to do that.
                            However, the least spoken bad side of emmigration is the hollow they leave in their families. There are more and more old people who canít sustain themselves and often die of poverty, famine and loneliness. Their pensions are too low to survive from one moth to another and they are too old to work. They are often abandoned by their children and lose contact with them at all.
                            All in all, emigration is a serious real issue that is affecting not only the people concerned, but also their families, the available workforce and the country.