At the time I had to decide my future highschools,  “Mihai Eminescu” National College was on the top of the list. Being a student here for almost two years now, I have formed various impressions about this college.
Firstly, some of the most important aspects at this institution are location and construction. Being placed  in the center of the city it's easy to get there, despite the fact that usually is relatively crowded every morning.  The school has laboratories, a library, a gym, a sport field and even a small shop with different foods. The fact that contains a lot of classes make everything much easier because no one should have an afternoon program.   
The main advantage of being a student here is the multitude of activities at which you can participate without regretting a moment . For example you can go in the theatre group, literature group, debating group, volunteer group or you can enter in the basketball or football team.
Secondly, the institution has mostly old furniture and overloaded electrical panels. Moreover, in bathrooms we do not have essential hygiene stuff such as soap or toilet paper. Unfortunately, some teachers don’t understand that students have different characters and individual capacity for learning.
To conclude, we have amazing opportunities and teachers who do their best educating and preparing us for the future. Passing over the minor inconveniences, i'm very pleased about being a student at this school.