At this moment, the Romanian health system is facing a substantial decay in the number of doctors and medical students who want to remain in our hospitals. Thousands of doctors choose to emigrate in civilized and wealthy countries such as Germany, France or United States of America, to effectuate highly skills that can save a lot of lives. In my opinion, as a future student who wants to work in the health system, emigrating as a doctor  has both advantages and disadvantages.
Firstly, a workplace abroad can have  lot of advantages. Doctors receive, most of the time, appreciations from patients and other  important, powerful people. The hospitals are modern, everything is sterile and nothing is lacking from salons or from the operating room.
Many people suggest that one of the benefits has to be the paycheck. The wage became such an important aspect because by making doctors be  independently wealthy shows that their work is appreciated. Unfortunately, Romania is known by not offering proper monthly salary and for the terrible appearance of hospitals.
Secondly, the fact that so many doctors left and will emigrate soon in overseas countries has a major impact on our health service and economy as an European country. In this way, weíll have inevitable a healthcare system made up from only young people who are morally bound to work until exhaustion and  old doctors who donít leave because is hard to build abroad a new life at this age. In addition, the reason that a job in foreign countries is for many students very terrifying is accommodation and the fact that they have to built another life, different from the one they lived until then.
Of course, is not anymore a surprise to hear that Romania is one of the most beautiful country in the world, even though the people who lead show that they donít belive we need essential thing for a normal life. Furthermore, Romania is also the place where hundreds of students are well trained in medicine, but the country cannot offer appropriate workplaces. The equipment that doctors have to use is old; the necessary things in a hospital like medical gloves, syringes or surgical masks are usually insufficient; hospitals have not been renovated for a very long time, and so on. I think is hard to put yourself in a situation where the only thing you feel is dreadful because you canít save a life and not for the reason that you are not able to, but just that no one can offer necessary equipment or investigations.
All in all, I think that doctors emigration has a negative impact on our future health system and the only thing we can do is to look powerless  at our government who lazily watched them go by.