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Rich vs poor

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Essay on the topic: People should not hang out with those who are significantly poorer or richer.
Humans, the only species that somehow hates it's own.This is how we think. We put things in boxes and right a name on them. This is how we were taught  to judge. Today they are so many labels that we get lost in them. Because of the misconception that humans created we forget not to judge a book by its covers.
            Some people have a ton of cash and others don’t. Simple, you either have a luxurious lifestyle or you don’t. Nowadays we have a term called “middle class” witch refers to the people who are neither rich nor poor. This term was used for the first time by James Bradshaw in the year 1745. Most of the members of the working society identify themselves as middle class people. Sure, not all the men and women who say they are part of the middle class have the same income. But the question remains, should people hang out with those who are significantly poorer or richer?                     
             Well, my answer is that it depends the person you want to spend time with. If you can have a quality time with that individual it shouldn’t matter how much are they worth. However I wouldn’t hang out with a person that doesn’t have the same principles as I do. I would hate to spend time with somebody that might think that I am taking advantage   of their economic state. A bigger problem would be the social pressure that comes when you are friends with somebody way richer than you. That friend will introduce you to his or her friends and his or her hobbies and you might feel like an outcast. A great example of this situation is gossip girl (an American TV show).     
           In conclusion I believe that a true friendship will crush any barriers and destroy any stereotype that comes across them. Everything is possible when people reason with each other. So follow any path you thing is right.

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I like that in this essay I found out new informations about terms and personalites that I didin t know about.The essay has proofs like the American TV show Gossip Girl.I like that the arguments  are both against and pro the case.In conclusion it s a best essay and I learn new things from this.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Rich vs poor