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Palas Mall

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Palas Mall is one of the biggest comercial centres of Iasi, Romania. Here people usually gather to spend some good time with their friends, families, to eat  or shop from the various kind of stores that this mall offers. But, as every person has their own mind and way of thinking, I have a different point of view linked to this place.

In a personal way, I think that Palas Mall is overrated and, lately, became a waste of time, money and energy: the prices started to increase, though the quality and the quantity of the products didnít improve in any way. As well, there is no evolution, nothing new to see. It remained just the same attraction for kids that it always was.

One advantage of this area is the natural park that holds a big beautiful water fountain in the middle that gives an amazing show in the warm seasons of the year, and also green hills with trees and flowers that attract couples and teenagers in particular. The natural side is the only additional aspect that this mall has in comparison to the other one. Likewise, the rink in the cold season does not just attract all types of people, from little children to elders, but to me it became boring and repetitive. As I specified before, there is nothing new or captivating.

In the end, my impressions of Palas Mall had changed over time as I grew up, it remaining in my mind as a basic kind of public place that should actually give people a real fun experience. Its true image consists in the beautiful garden outside the building, it being the main reason why people choose this complex instead of others.

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I think you noticed clearly that this mall became "a waste of time" and your arguments about the prices, the low level of quality and the lack of evolution are really great. Also I agree that people choose more often Palas Mall instead of other complexes, but I don't think the beautiful garden is the main reason.† Like a suggestion, it would be better if you described more this complex, taking into account that this is a review.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Palas Mall