Villages are mostly beautiful places where people usually tend to like living and spending time in. Personally, even I live in such a place nearby the city of Iasi. But do you know the bests and the worsts facts of your own village?

To begin with, the benefits of living in this small place are undeniable. The most important advantage and, as well, the main reason why people usually choose to live here is represented by a number of facts linked to the nature such as the fresh air, the quiet, the large area of your own property and the feeling of freedom. Another point of view in favour of living in a village is the opportunity to grow your own healthy vegetable garden and plant fruit trees. Many people argue that it is easier to have pets here, and also, as many as you want.

Nevertheless, there are disadvantages as well. One argument against living in a village is the long distance from it to the city. In this way, it is harder to reach shops and even to get to work or to school, or just to get out with your friends. For example, if you are unlucky and donít have a car, there are less buses than in the city and you often need to wait a long time till one reaches you, and sometimes you also have to pay a larger amount of money for a drive than usual.

All things considered, there are not many disadvantages of living in a village nearby Iasi, and from my point of view, it represents a wonderful and healthy experience.