How many things can a doctor stand? They often help people by healing them miraculously and giving hope of better. But what happens when the bad times come and the doctors have to leave us and emigrate to other countries?

Firstly, there are advantages of this situation only for those doctors. The decision belongs only to them. They usually leave the country because of the payment issue, so the first advantage and the most known one is represented by the larger amount of money they get outside Romania. Another point of view in favour of emigrating is the better conditions of work that foreign countries provide, like cleanliness in hospitals and more evolved medical systems that assure a more pleasant experience in the workplace.

However, there are also many disadvantages of doctors emigrating. The main drawback is the decreasing of the number of doctors in romanian hospitals that brings many problems such as patients not beign cured in time or at all, the decreased efficiency of the remaining medical crew, which can lead to the end of the population of the country. Another negative effect is that, with the good doctors emigrating, Romania remains with the ones that donít care enough for their patients and that are poorly trained. As a result, many people could end up dying from a bad diagnosis or prescription.

All in all, the emigration of romanian doctors represents a real problem that our country faces because we are put in the situation to deal with the risk of beign diagnosed wrongly and get sicker. But, as well we canít blame our doctors for departing because if we were in their position we would leave too, considering the bad conditions.