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The ugliest apartament I've ever seen

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Last Saturday, I was visiting my cousin, Elisa.Recently  she took a new apartment.Now she lives alone.I took her a cactus as a new home gift.
When I reached the first floor of her apartment, it was hard for me to guess what her door was because I knew my cousin, her apartment was surely the one with the white door with white spurs.
When I knocked on the door, a girl with a green mask opened me.She was Elisa, she likes to try out more natural treatments.
As Elisa put his mask down, I started looking around. The kitchen had red walls and silver cabinets and the fridge was a kind of green. On the cabinets were pink boxes.The living room had white armchairs with red butterflies. Inside the room was a round table made of glass.
The walls were covered with strange decorations. And all sorts of photos of her excursions.Her bedroom was "wow," she had a red round bed, the pillows were facing her favorite artist.
It wasn't a room where you couldn't find pictures of cats.Her bathroom was blue and she had violet mats.
After she changed, I talked a little and drank a cup of coffee.
I knew for a long time that my cousin, Elisa, has an unusual style.

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Actually, I believe there is a difference between an unusual style and ugliness. From your text, I understood that if you have unsuited colors on your walls and/or if you have a lots of cats photos that means you have a ugly house. I do not trust in that!



Just because is something new doesn't mean it's unusual or ugly. If she likes red, cats or another thing whith you don't, you don't have to be surprised or someting, the girl is just different, it's her



In your text I could understand that the apartment was very nice. The way you described the apartment was a positive one. So you did not respect the title.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The ugliest apartament I've ever seen