Dear Diary,
I'm grateful to my grandparents. Why? Because they are the best grandparents in the world. When I was little, I loved staying at their home. In the summer holidays I stayed for even a few weeks with them, and I would never have been bored of staying at their home.
When I was younger, I was very moody about food. When I was staying with my grandparents, they were able to convince me to eat any kind of food. I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old and I did not want to eat the soup. Then my grandfather told me we'd make a contest, and if I WILL BE FINISHING eating before he would finish.... his soup, he will buy me a chocolate. Then I started eating the soup and I finished eating in a few minutes. Grandma always knew my favorite pie is apple pie. Always when she had the opportunity, she made apple pie especially for me. She never waited for me and my parents empty-handedly. SHE ALWAYS prepared a dessert or something to eat. And it is not to be forgotten that my grandmother's food is the most delicious in the world.
Now that I've finished writing this diary page, I'm going to take my luggage to go to my grandparents for two days.

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