Living in a village near by Iasi
   Every year, the population grows worrisome and more and more young people are looking for a place to live with their family.Because of this, more and more developers are building blocks of flats and that's why green and quiet spaces are disappearing.Cities start to become unpleasant for some people and for this reason they choose to live in the villages on the outskirts of the cities.This also applies to my city, Iasi.
   On the one hand,living in a village near by Iasi is a very good idea that brings many benefits.A large number of people choose to live in villages and they become more satisfied and happier than before.When you think of moving into a village,you surely think that you will live in a house and not in a flat. So, you have a lot of green space and you have peace and relaxation. Here, you have cleaner air, much less noise and more intimacy, these things being able to het you out of your daily boring life.
   On the other hand, surely, there are also disadvantages, but they will not mess up your life a lot. Perhaps, life in a village is a little more expensive, paying more on the utilities, and a house is more expensive than a flat. Another disadvantage wold be the distance to the city. You will have to get up early if you want to arrive to school or to work on time and you will pay more on gasoline. At the same time, you will have to go out with your friends less often and you will not have acces to all the shops and utilities of the city.
   In conclusion,  even if living in a village near by Iasi has disadvantages, it definitely worth to make this change in your life and I recommend it to anyone.