Romanian doctors emigrating
  Nowadays, leaving your country to work abroad has good and bad parts.Even if this his can be harmful to the society from our country, for the doctors, this can be an escape. So, I will show you why.
  On the one hand, I think that the emigration of Romanian doctors is a bad thing for all of us. All the good doctors leave the country due to hospital conditions or because they are not appreciated and paid very well. Thereby, in our hospitals will remain only the poorly trained doctors who do not care about the patientís health. In addition, hospitals will be left without competent  doctors and sick people will not get the best medical care. Many people end up dying because of poorly trained and incompetent doctors. After all, what doctor would choose to stay in Romania when he can go in countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, where he is respected and appreciated for his work.
  On the other hand, the decision belongs only to them. It is sure that they will leave Romania as long as foreign countries can offer them a better,quieter and easier life both for themselves and for their family.At the same time, the work done abroad by our doctors, bring prestige to the country and make our country known abroad. Foreign countries will have a better opinion of the Romanians and we will be seen from a different perspective.
  In the end,  the emigration of Romanian doctors is a bad thing that our country is trying to stop for a long time. As long as we do not offer them what  they deserve and we will not respect them, they will certainly continue to leave Romania.