People have always wanted to be able to drive a car as soon as possible , but is it really safe for a man to be out there on the streets while he is still a teenager , therefor still immature ?  I  think that people shouldn t be able to drive as fast as possible for a number of reasons .

Firstly , a teenager should be 18 years old before receiving their license is because at the age 16 they are still in high school, they are immature and they are not responsible enough to be able to drive. Usually at this age a teenager has other things on their mind like friends, hanging out, partying, etc. You hear of so many car accidents involving teenagers ranging from 16-17 years old where an innocent person lost their life because of carelessness. I am not saying that all 16 year old..... are irresponsible because there are some that are responsible. It.......s just ........ at this age they are basically still kids. If you hand a 16 year old the keys to the brand new Mustang you bought them for their 16th birthday, they tend to want to show off and think that they are not going to harm themselves or others.

Secondly , you have some teens that decide to go out partying and don't think twice about getting behind the wheel. Unfortunately,  what they don't realize is that alcohol affects their driving skills and lives can be lost due to the carelessness of a teenager who chose to drink and drive. Even though no matter what age a person has there are still older people drinking and driving , this is a thing among teenagers because they tend to show up in front of their friends proving that they are the best drivers no matter how drunk or tired they are . I just think that 18 is a sufficient age for someone to receive their drivers license. At least by this age a teenager is moving into adulthood, more responsible, out of school and moving toward career choices.

However , giving a teenager a license also represents a method of making them more responsible because while they will be driving they will be in charge with others... live , making them aware of the fact that they need to be more carefull with their decisions .

As a conclusion , a teenager shouldn't be allowed to drive as fastas possible because they are immature and their decisions are not very well calculated , which may have fatal consequences .

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