The ugliest apartment I ve ever seen was aproximatively 3 months ago when I was to caught some deals for my cousin,Stefania. Stefania lives in Targu Frumos, Iasi country and she wants to go to National College Mihai Eminescu in 9 th class. I like very much her choice because this high school I think that is very good for the future. So, when I Was looking for an apartment, one of them was in the area of Pacurari. I want to say that that apartment was the ugliest I ve ever seen!I saw Ugly decorated wood windows, unlaminated parquetold furniture, stainless steel doors,old clutches and many others. That apatment costs about 20.000 E. I spoke with the real estate agent  and I told him that it s not worth the 20.000 E for that apartment. The real estate agent agreed with me on the arguments I gave him, so he dropped the price to 15,000 euros, which is incredible! I'm glad I had such a strong conviction power!

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