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Palas Mall

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The inauguration of the most modern complex in Romania, Palas Mall, was in 2012. It was a huge private investment, which many people enjoyed . The association of The Local Council of Iasi with the company Iulius Group and a foreign investor helped to achieve this complex, which replaced the former area near The Palace of Culturesuccesfully.
           In my opinion, this brave investement has the merit of transforming the central urban area, highlighting the Palaceís beauty.
           The Palas complex has a mall with 170 shops, a commercial street with 25 dealers and a multiplex cinema, but it hasn't been opened yet and I think it is a sad thing for people who like to go to the cinema. Also, Palas Mall includes many parks for people , water mirrors, an artificial skating rink with extended use for 7 months. The most impressive things are outdoor amphitheatres and exhibition spaces; store products are expensive, but the quality is very good. Iím very proud of the hotels, the offices, which helpes people, the travel agencies and underground car parks with more than 2500 cars . If you are interested in art, you can participate at summer theaters with 1500 seats. The Auchan supermarket, as well as the coffee shops and restaurants are another option to spend your free time, admiring everything that surrounds you.
         Finally, there are more advantages in favour of Palas Mall than disadvantages, but it matters what personality you have.

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You made a good point about the opening of the cinema that got postponed. Unfortunately,  it won't become public in a near future or even ever because it would affect the other cinema at Iulius Mall that would become forgotten. I really think this is the reason why Palas Mall gave up on the idea.
Also, you got a really nice point of view, keep it going.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Palas Mall