†††††† Many people ignore the beauty of a village and canít really imagine how it feels to live somewhere outside the noisy town, in a nice small village near by Iasi.†††††
†††††† To begin with, the air in the countryside is fresher and the sweet taste of juicy fruits and vegetables makes you forget about delicious and expensive meals. These are the most important conditions for a healthy lifestyle of which peasants can be very proud.
†††††††††† Besides, a village is like an open book with a wonderful variety of beautiful landscapes and charming surroundings. Even though it's barely dawn, the song of the rooster makes you feel vivid and full of energy.
††††††††† In spite of these amazing facts, living in a village has also its disadvantages. One point against is that the peasants have a problem with medical insurance. The shops or pharmacies are not always open.††††
††††††††††† Many people argue that, in the villages, the infrastructure is deteriorated, but it depends and varies from one village to another. However, a really troublesome situation for those who live in a village is the low level of education for children. It's the most frequent reason why most high school students must commute or spend money for a hostel in Iasi, where the school is.
††††††††††††† Although, it's much more easier to find friends and meet people in a village thanks to its small size. Therefore, peasants are more hospitable and kind.
††††††††††††† So, this being said, despite the minor drawbacks, my choice will always remain to live in a village, because I find it a mirific and peaceful place for human life.

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