†††††† The problem with Romanian doctors emigrating will persist until the Government have found enduring solutions to provide them a better life in their native country.
††† ††† Doctors are crucially important for the welfare of the entire nation so their disappearance would be disastrous.††††††††
††† ††† Firstly, the Romanian society loses competent people which may contribute to the development of sciences, especially health sciences. Also, the lack of capable medical staff causes the functional decline of hospitals. Consequently, the patients have to unwillingly leave the country in order to find more specialized doctors, but unfortunately not all the people can afford it.
†† ††† On the opposite side, this decision about emigrating belongs undoubtedly to the doctors. They are the principal owners of their lives and careers. And, as long as foreign countries can provide them a better life, they will leave for a more prolific future.
†† †† Although, the number of doctors who forsake their country is compensated with other candidates from Republic of Moldova. Meanwhile Republic of Moldova hasnít really attracted students to practice medecine there.
†††† †††† Furthermore, the doctorsí emigration creates an additional issue among the students. If they canít see any reason to establish in the country as doctors, after the graduation, due to poor salaries and conditions, they will irreparably seek a similar but higher paid job abroad which will certainly cause troubles to our economy.
†††††††††† Thus, the Parliament, or whoever is in charge of this problem, should make the finest endeavours in order to keep the medics inside the country since the level of healthcare is a serious factor that showcases the living condition in Romania.