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Being a student in CNME

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††††††† Being a student in CNME is more than a regular task to say, it is quite a delight to be part of this prestigious school. It feels as if you are a tiny part of a world where everybody is willing to help and support you.
††††††† My first weeks here were very exciting. I was looking forward to discovering everything about this school, its pupils and teachers. My classmates helped me fulfill my curiosities.
††††††† First of all, the atmosphere before classes is quite astonishing. I don't know what other Romanian schools are like, but mine is surely different. The feeling of opening the door and discovering the gloomy, yet radiant faces of my classmates is mesmerizing indeed. They are the most important advantage that I have, being a student in CNME.
††††††† Furthermore,an additional advantage is the exquisite teachers' attitude. They try not only to teach us theories, but also to teach how to survive in bleak conditions, how to treat people accordingly and,the most important thing, how to treat ourselves respectfully. Moreover, they are willing to help you even if you are not in a hard spot or if you desperately seek an answer. Either way, they are happy to provide aid and explain what you canít see for yourself. I appreciate this the most.
†††††††††† Despite some boring classes, I haven't spent enough time at this school in order to notice its drawbacks.
†††††††††† Thus, being a student in CNME makes me feel amazing, as if Iíve finally found a second home far away from the true one, a place where I can develop and dwell peacefully.

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I noticed that you see only good parts at CNME. Do you consider everything nice and pink in this school? Well, maybe it is but not for all. I think you should feel lucky if you think you are in the right place. greetings to you and your family, my dear.



I see that you are very excited about CNME. Though, I have for you the same question as TheSpeedCuber. But, as for the rest, I like your spirit. Keep it up!



You are a lucky person, in school you find a second home and that's an important think. I appreciate your optimism about  CNME. Many people are don't agree with you.



Iím glad that youíre happy in this school. Itís so nice to hear that you find some people, your classmates or teachers, who are trying to make everyone feel like home at school.



Students don't say those kind of good things about our school. It's good to hear that you're happy to be a student here.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Being a student in CNME