Since the dawn of civilisation it has been highlighted the fact that the way one dresses has many impacts on various aspects in their lives.I strongly believe that people should carefully choose their outfits and put some effort into their appearance since a brooch or a well-chosen tie can make a difference.

Firstly, what one wears is linked to their mood.Positive or negative feelings can both come directly and indirectly.When looking in the mirror and knowing that they look good, people show more confidence and their happiness increases.At the same time, only the slightest doubt in thinking that their looks are not presentable enough can affect an individual for an unlimited time.With the effort put in one's appearance will soon come the compliments and eventually the good mood whereas the lack of interest in their own aspect can draw judgmental opinions.

Secondly, dressing well can open many doors rather than closing them.If one goes to an interview wearing an article of clothing in vogue, they may have the privilege of a better first impression than those who did not lay emphasis on their looks, even though their abilities exceed the others.
Admittedly, some may deny the importance and enormous influence clothes have on people's lives saying that only skills matter in the end. However, appearance is a contributory factor in reaching an established goal.
In conclusion, the way we dress affects us both internally and externally, being as fashionable as possible giving more advantages than disadvantages to individuals.I believe that in the future "fashion" will be a subject approached by most of the people.

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