If you want to turn your dreams into reality, the key is education, and if the years of study are full of memorable moments and are characterized by a good teacher-student collaboration, the educational process will yield exceptional results. Mihai Eminescu National College Iasi is the place where your aspirations can take shape and turn your future into something beautiful and remarkable.
   Being a student at CNME is a great experience, defined both by favorable aspects and some that should be improved or added.
   On the one hand, the positive aspects are numerous. The first advantage is that students have access to the facilities that the school makes available to them, namely: chemistry laboratory, computer lab, biology laboratory, physics laboratory, psycho-pedagogical counseling cabinet, medical and dental office , the festive hall, and a culinary lab. Secondly, the school has a well structured and professional community of teachers that always collaborates with students. In addition, there are many projects in high school that deal with different themes and topics, with a particular impact on the participants' thinking and personality development.
   On the other hand, the less favorable aspects, better say things that should be modified or made, can not be omitted. The main disadvantage is that, as a high school, with many high school students and very good at learning, only a small number of people can participate in the activities (the festive hall is quite small) and for this reason a change is necessary  that will bring about the inclusion of more people in these collective projects that have the role of unifying a group, especially in a modern world where teamwork is the future. Another disadvantage is that there is no platform in which teachers (especially those who teach Baccalaureate subjects) can interact with students in their free time, clarifying misunderstandings and coming up with new ideas or useful materials (such as the English one) .
   All things considered being a student at CNME is a great opportunity to develop with a team of schoolmates and teachers who will always be near you and will support you.

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