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about Living in a village near a big city

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For the last ten years the citizens of Iași have noticed that the city is expanding fast due to the large number of private houses and block.... of flats built for those who either wish to escape the stressful, noisy city life or find more affordable housing in the surrounding villages. Living in a village near Iași has become very popular and has brought quite an enormous amount of cash in the pockets of the building companies.
On one hand, living in a village near Iași has its perks due to the close proximity to the city centre, to all the utilities, means of transport and a big number of shops. Moreover, the air is cleaner because there are many forests nearby, it is less noisy than the city and you can even grow your own vegetable garden or keep a few animals and your pets will feel much happier running around a courtyard.
On the other hand, many families have encountered serious problems such as finding out that the safety standards of their new homes have not been respected by the antrepreneurs. Moreover, even if you have a car, you have to leave home quite early in the morning, otherwise you will be caught up in horrific traffic jams. Plus, if yor car breaks down, you have to take the crammed buses to the city which can be a very unpleasent experience, especially if you are a student who has to arrive at school on time. 
In my view, living in a village near Iași is a good idea  for the distant future, but, for now, it is easier for me to live close to the city centre where my school, parents and friends .....

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Hello again Mr. SpeedCuber! I notice that you evolve and you start getting better. I really enjoyed that you talked about both advantages and disadvantages.The composition is very complex and interesting. I think your composition can inspire many people when they have to choose where to live. You gave us a lot of precise and helpful information. Keep going and have a nice day !


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » about Living in a village near a big city