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About being a doctor in RO

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Romania's becoming a member of the EU has marked the start of an enormous labour migration flow to the western part of the continent. We may believe that the majority of the Romanian migrants are unskilled young people from poor villages, but nothing could be further from the truth.
A growing number of skilled Romanian citizens are leaving the country looking for better living conditions. Young doctors in particular are increasingly drawn by the far better working and living standards Western countries offer. Consequently, more and more trained medical employees find jobs in much cleaner, better equiped  hospitals in France, Germany and Great Britain. Even if it means working longer shifts or studying more, Romanian doctors still think it is worth it because the salaries are fo...r-five times bigger than in Romania. The future of these highly skilled professionals could not look brighter. 
However, for Romania, this situation is not equally beneficial because the training of many migrant doctors has been funded by the Romanian state, so it is unfair that foreign health systems benefit from it. Moreover, the number of specialists in Romania has decreased drastically and,  consequently, the quality of the medical care in state institutions has deteriorated.
In conclusion, considering the current situation, the Romanian authorities should take appropriate measures to prevent the doctors who have benefited from state funded professional trainin from leaving the country as soon as they graduate. Besides being totally ungrateful, these professionals' migration, no matter how beneficial at an individual level, is obviously disastrous for the welfare of our country.

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Hello Mr.SpeedCuber ! I just read your composition and I wanna tell you that I'm very impressed. You debated this subject with a lot of personality and you included all the important details based on this theme. You are doing a great job! However, I would also like from you to talk about the benefits of doctors working in Romania. Keep going!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » About being a doctor in RO