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Holiday in romania

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On 23rd March our class organised a trip to Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
We arrived in the city at 15:00 PM and we were really hungry.So we went to Northern Station to eat some Mc’Donalds . On our way there we saw Ghencea Stadium , ex-stadium of Steaua Bucharest , Romania’s biggest football team.We arrived at McDonald’s and we ate some chicken nuggets.
Then we left , and we arrived at the hotel at 17:00 PM.The hotel was really nice and big , called Intercontinental , a well-known hotel in Bucharest for its elegance and conference room.
..... First night was really fun , me and my classmates watched some old-school movies and we had a contest of karaoke , the winner getting an original vinyl signed by Tataee from B.U.G Mafia , one of the most iconic hip-hop bands in our country.Unfortunately , I didn’t win because I let a girl to beat me.(I know , I’m a true gentleman).
...... Second day we visited the Palace of Parliament , Bucharest’s most iconic building , known to be the largest administrative building in the world.It was huge , and we met a lot of congressmen well-known in the politics of Romania.Also , we visited the Arch of Triumph , inspired by the Paris Arch of Triumph.One interesting fact about Bucharest is that ....... is known around Europe as “Little Paris” due to its similarities to the French capital.
........ Second night we danced a lot and talked .......... a lot of things , but we needed to go to bed early , because we were leaving the city at 7:00 AM in the morning.
The trip was really nice , ....... me and my classmates being really satisfied with Bucharest.I hope I will see the city again , soon!

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A nice story but I expected that you will present more parts of Bucharest instead of describing your own experience. I liked your style but I suggest to use some wording rules. ( Let a space after a punctuation mark not in front of). Hope all the best to you.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Holiday in romania