Palas Mall Iasi is one of the greatest recreational places in Iasi because of the variety of attractions that are included in the centre.First off, it has a big number of shops ( clothing shops, auchan, and different other types), also some nice restaurants and pubs(Tribeca, C House, Fenice, Chef Galerie) and a big and excentric club( Fratelli).
It also contains a very big park where kids can play or you can just go there and spend some relaxing time watching the water getting form in the pool. Palas also contains banks and its placement in the city makes it so crowded in the weekend(Sitting right next to the Palace Of Culture, the symbol of Iasi City).
It has a very big underground parking system, very convenient for the number of people that this centre has.
I strongly recommend Palas Iasi for its various activities, for relaxing and for meeting great people!

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