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Palas Mall review

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A few years ago, a group of people decided to set up Palas Mall, the largest shopping complex outside Bucharest.
This ensemble contains many stores with various items, clothes, etc. It features an immense underground car park where you can also lose and a complex with food in case you are hungry.
Today I go there I was impressed by the size of the store, I haven't seen a mall like Palas, just outside the country. It is very modern, yet it still felt airy and cosy. The sellers, guards, all of them are very welcoming, pretty and helpful, and not too rushed or bored, as is often in some popular shopping centres.
I go in every shop I see, like Berska, Stradivarius, H&M, ClockHouse and others. One of them is ney in Romania, NewYorker, and now is my favorite because there I found most pretty and lovely clothers. There you found exacly what you want and, unlike the rest of the department store, isn't very expensive, the prices they thought was reasonable.However, the point is I am just in love with this shop.
Palas Mall is in near the centre of town, you can go there very easy by car or bus. I will definitely be back.

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Yeah..you have mostly presented Palas Mall, but you forgot to mention something very important, namely: the lovely Palas's garden. That is a huge and wonderful garden and people need to know about it. Certainly all the inhabitans of Iasi know and love this garden, Palas being a mall visited by thousands of people.



Nice composition. I really like your story. It's very good. Keep going, you still have 3 more and at least 10 comments of at least 40 words each. Anyways, good job!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Palas Mall review