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Last summer holiday I go with some family friends in Brasov, one of the biggest town from Romania. We choose this destination because we want to see Dracula's citadel, none of us seen it before. But this wasn't the reason for what makes us to go there.
So, we take the train and in a few hours we arrived. We go to eat at Bistro de'l Arte, one of the hidden jewels in the historical center of Brasov. We wanted traditional food and after that we go for a walk into the town. We see a lot of beautiful seats, like The first Romanian school, White Tower, at the and of day, The cave of milk.
Next day we go with emotion and delight to Dracula's citadel. It wasn't that scared like we thought. We would expected to see anything alse that a room where Vlad Tepes sleep. But it was interesting, we found out new informations and this help me at history hour a lot.
After that we go at Poiana Brasov, where in winter you can do a lots of winter sports there. We breathe fresh air and spend time in the mountain.
Next days we go at  Dino Parkand to have fun and see the dinosaurs. We stayed togather all that days and want to come back next year, because Brasov is a really good and beutiful Romanian destination to visit.

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Wow, it seems like you had a lot of fun!! I've been in Brasov twice but I didnít get to go everywhere you did, you're so lucky!! On the other hand, I'm not the person to judge, but maybe you should have checked your grammar twice? And the verbs, but it depends on what tense you wanted to use, because personally I didnít  understand.



I have been many times in Brasov, and I agree is such a beautiful city. I have many friends there and once at 5-6 months I go to visit them. It is just wonderful. I am not surprised you loved that place. It hasn't matter how many times I was there, every time I go I find something different. Otherwise, a very good composition!



It looks like you had so much fun there,I didnít have the chance to spend too much time in Brasov,but I understand from your text that itís a relaxing place to visit.My first priority when I get in Brasov is to visit that milk cave youíve talked about,it sounds like a mysterious and fun place to explore.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Brasov