Dear Diary ,
  I want to tell you about someone very special. Mrs. Rusu is the person I am very grateful for.
  A year ago I did not understand anything at math. Then I decided to do some extra lessons.
She was recognized for her strictness, being harsh,  but I was utterly lazy.
  I attended lessons every Saturday. Every morning I woke up tired, exhausted and without any motivation. Each Saturday I tried,  slowly, to arrive at her home, and every time I got there, I begun begging to escape as quickly as possible from those two hours of terror .
  There was a small watch near the bed, that I've checked from ten to ten minutes, hoping she won't  notice me, and every time  I saw that it was time to finish the lesson, I was closing my notebook and looking at her for a long time, asking her if next time I should come at the same time .
I remember that one day I received a call from her. She told me that she did not feel good and that we could not make the lesson. I think it was my lucky day (I wasn't  happy for her disease, but I was happy for the reason to sleep at least a day on a Saturday).
It also was a good part of everything that happened, because my results at school were very good, and math became very interesting. So I started to realize that everything was in my favor!
Mrs. Rusu is a lone person, but I want to inform you that this woman knows how to work on the computer.
   I'm grateful for her energy, for her time and in the end for her long glances and the confidence I  received after classes.

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