It was an unusual day. I woke up in the morning and the sunny weather made me call my friends and get out. We went to a field on the outside of the city and we decided to find out if the old grandfather's  hot air BALLOONn still works. The wind was perfect, so we flew right away. Only after we had raised about 20 meters in the sky , we, five kids ,, taken by the wind" realized we did not have  what to lead the ballon and we do not know how. We were in the wind. We were floating in the sky. We were taking pictures for Snapchat . We felt fantastic until the wind began to beat with power. Then we were scared. The only boy who was with us started TO cry first , and the girls WERE screaming  as if  we had seen than new bag from Michel Kors. We didn't have what to do, simply pray for our lives. We thought it would go because  from the BALLOON we were closer to Jesus. But it didn't workA strong gust has begun to desand until we got into a haystack from a hill. We were buried in straw, we didn't know what it was with us and the cherry on the cake: some cows started to lick our faces. We got up , we shook it up  and we were glad than we just got away .we were not far from home  , so we came quickly. I said to my grandfather that it was possible the BALLOON was stolen , not we destroyed him.
      It was an incredibile day! ✈☉

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