Honestly, I do not have much to say about my experience when I watched a movie at Cinema City. There's nothing so exciting about going to a movie. It was a simple winter day in which I had no homework and I was terribly bored.
I was bored, so I called my best friend and I asked her if she wantED to go see a movie.
We had no idea what movie we could see. We thought we'd get there and we'll see what tickets we'll find. Our luck was that we found two tickets to a comedy. We liked the movie a lot. It was an American comedy.
We had to wait half an hour before the movie started. We bought two portions of popcorn, which we finished before the start of the movie…
The film room was filled, and the strong sounds from the beginning made us believe that the whole action WAS happening next to us. The first scene gave us the impression that we are going to see an action movie, not a comedy. But by the end of the movie I laughed great.
When we WENT home we still laughed because of the subject of the film and we thought we should USE more of our time to go to the cinema.

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