Frankly to say fortunately I was not applied in any accident. Not with blood, injured people, rescue car and so on. But I still saw an accident.
    It was the morning, the 9th hour I remember. I was going to my mother at work in the Nicolina area. There, usually downhill cars at super speed, but you do not expect an accident. Okay. I left my mom and after she closed the door, she heard it all at once: BOOM. What happened? In a few moments the police and the smuggling came. We went and see what happened. A young man, in a super good car, hit a pedestrian. The problem was that the car was at the pedestrian and pedestrian crossing at about 10 m from the car. The pedestrian was hit terribly. It had entered a coma. He was taken to the emergency hospital. At the same time, the police detained the young man. Of course he was taken to the police station. We continue our journey. It was a bad experience that made me realize how unconscious and unassuming some people might be. That day, on my way home, my dad told me I had to take care of the people next to me. Nowadays you rarely find me trustworthy.
        That's it ... We have to be careful.