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A Romanian Holiday Destination

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I love winter and I'm a great fan of skiing. Every winter holiday we choose a destination where my family and I can enjoy this wonderful sport. So far I have been to Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, France and of course Romania on our skiing holidays. The resorts for skiing abroad are all very modern but I have been pleasantly impressed by Sinaia in our country. There have been made great efforts and Sinaia is nowadays a jewel of holiday destination.
I went to Sinaia last winter and I had a great time there. I could ski but  I could also visit some wonderful historical sights. The first day we visited  Peles Castle and we could admire the Pelisor Castle too. Then we visited Bucegi Natural Park and Stirbei Castle. In Bucegi Mountains we saw the Sphinx. The next day my family and I went to Valea Dorului Ski Slope. There we found out that Sinaia has the most ski slopes in Romania. There are sixteen ski slopes with cable cars, telechairs, teleski as well as modern installations. After 3 hours of skiing we got hungry and we went on top of the mountains where was a restaurant. Also on top of the mountain was a device for taking wonderful photos of the surroundings. The landscapes are breathtaking. I think that you canít find a more beautiful place anywhere . We have indeed the most charming country in the world.
I stayed in a hotel right in the center of the town but near the cablecars. The hotel was big, comfortable and quite lovely. It had a swimming pool, a game room, a restaurant and a spa centre. The staff were polite and helpful. 
In the evenings we enjoyed eating at " Snow Restaurant  " near by our hotel. The food was delicios. They served traditional and local food and we liked it very much.
Next to the hotel was a skating rink and our last day I enjoyed skating there.
All  in all Sinaia is an exquisite holiday destination and I would recommend it to anyone.

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I think we have a little fan Justin Bieber here :) (tell me if I'm wrong). Anyway, I want to tell you that I really enjoyed what you said about Sinaia. Honestly, I've never been there, but I'm a big fan of skiing too. I love this sport! Your description made me want the next winter holiday to be in Sinaia!



Youíre right! I love Justin Bieber! What about you?


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » A Romanian Holiday Destination