Being formal or informal is not about how a person is dressed, but on the contrary, it means how it is reported to society and others. Even if  we are old or young, rich or poor, people have there own ways of thinking, that tends to be more inclined to one of the two formal or informal concepts.

        I think it's good for a person to be more informal in everyday life for a number of reasons that I will list below:

        First of all, if a person adopts an informal character, he will end up being marginalized by the people around him and not be able to gain trust, speaking from a diplomatically point of view. The current society offers many examples of young people who, even if they have a respected work place in society , they are not fulfilled on the social side, because they can not stand off the formal part of their life.

        Secondly, if you adopt a relaxed and friendly attitude, it is more likely to make friends or meet new people through your way of being. To be able to cooperate with people around you ,you have to adopt a collegial attitude and not a formal attitude that can indirectly insult the others.

        Even if some people would say that if you adopt an informal style you will not be able to exercise your point of view in front of other people, if we are realistic, the important part is  how to expose your point of view and the arguments that you present despite ("fie in stil formal sau informal") formal or informal style.

        So even if some say you can not have a perceptible view, adopting an informal way of life helps you both: to show confidence for the people around you, and to establish friendships. I believe that in the near future, young people in particular will give up the formal style, which for them is seen as a way to prove themselves and to use a more friendly-like way to relate to people around you.

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