Because cities have become too crowded, more and more people just leave the urban environment in favor of the rural one. There are both advantages and disadvantages when talking about living in villages or in communes around the city.
    First of all, I can say that the worst part of life outside the city is public transport. Although it depends how far the village is, the means of transport are, anyway, too infrequent and too uncomfortable. Also, another disadvantage is the fact that electricity and the signal can be interrupted due to a stronger rain.
   But there are many advantages to living outside the city. For starters, nothing compares with the tranquility and beauty of the countryside, where you can enjoy all the fresh air you want, where there is no pollution.  At the same time, living in the village can solve one of the most complicated problems in my opinion, if you live at ... house you can make as much noise as you want, because there are no neighbors of the block to complain.
     In conclusion, living outside the city is a good choice for people who want more peace and quiet and who are also not afraid of the little discomfort they may encounter.

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