My experience when I took part in an accident?. The idea is that I was not really involved in any accident. Only if I consider the fact that a person driving at speed hit my father's car. But then nothing serious happened. Just the spoiler of the car fell. Only that.
Okay, I can say I saw an accident. From the balcony. In fact, I was sitting in my room on the bed and suddenly I heard a BOOM. I thought there were some works and nothing more out there, but I said to look out the window to see what had happened. I went to the balcony and saw a broken car in the middle of the street and another car that HIT a tree.
Initially, I did not realize what had happened, but then I heard people shouting out as the driver of the broken car was drunk.  This drunk driver struck the other driver with his car
In a few minutes, the ambulance arrived at the place of the accident and the wounded were taken to the hospital . The police arrived to investigate the place, and the newspaper people were taking photos.
I can not say it's an accident that happened to me, but I saw it and I told it here. All I can say is that the victims were fine, but people should be more careful about adhering to the rules.

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