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my experience watching a film in Iulius

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It was a beautiful winter day. Being the day of the best bank colleague, Măli, he invited both me and Miruna to a film in Iulius. We decided on the Maze Runner 3 movie. Even though I didn't see the first two parts, I was sure I would understand during the movie. To go deep into the atmosphere of the movie, we bought a large portion of popcorn. They were so good ... We went into the hall, we sat, sitting in the last row and we were looking forward to the movie. Of course that Mălina could not help but take a picture; we only have performang phones we need to use them in a productive way :)  In 2 minutes we had to start the movie, so we put our 3D glasses and we sat more comfortable. That every time the movie started with the bite ad that actually seems like I'm coming in front of you. It is super sensation.
     The movie went really well. Sequences of great suspense and some even disgusting. What impressed me most was team spirit. How they just sacrificed to save a team member. But the one who impressed me was Thomas, the main actor of the movie. The film had an end that made me feel excited to tears. I, Măli and Miruna started weeping like babies. It was a really nice time. At that moment I realized how important is love for a person.
     It was an extraordinary movie !!



I went to the same movie and just like you I didn't see the first two parts before, but I enjoyed the movie. Also I fell in love with the main actor, Thomas. It was impossible for me not to  cry because I am a sensitive person and the film was so sad!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » my experience watching a film in Iulius