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Dear diary,

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I went to school and I present you to the english teacher . He was happy seeing you so small and nice. He is new as highschool teacher. When he entered the class for the first time he was presented it follows: ,, My name is Ozbek and I am 31 years old. I'm from Ankara in Turkey. I'm goog at languages. I can speak turkish, german and english. I can't play a musical instrument but I like music . My favourite singer is the American singer Kelly Clarkson"
    He is a very good teacher. His classes are interactive and do not give us many homeworks, so I have time to write to you here, diary. IF HE PUT A LITTLE NOTE  ON THE COMPOSITION ON THE SITE I WILL    GROSSIP HIM   WITH YOU!!!!! I hope it will not be needed. Now he is great not only as a teacher  but also as a man. As I told you at first, he said you're cute. Ozbek will be my teacher for a long time and I hope we always get along well.
       Today I wanted to describe the teacher, but tomorrow I will come back with something new.



Interesting composition, Miruna! What teacher  do you mean? I am very happy because you like him as a person and as a teacher and  because you do not have so many homework I hope you can learn many good things with him to help you in life! Teachers open your way, the wide horizon of knowledge and help you to become what you want to be. :) Bye !!!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear diary,